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30 January 2020

Impressions from the wonderful and moving premiere of our documentary Songs to Survive. Gunnar Kjeldaas‘ „Fangesongar frå Kirkenes“ at the Department of Musicology, University of Münster. With the support of Daniel Lembeck and the Marienschule-choir the evening featured statements from Karin Reismann (representing the townhall of Münster), prorector Prof. Dr. Michael Quante (representing the WWU Münster), Marlies Baar (representing the Marienschule Münster) and Anna-Ma Kjeldaas (granddaughter of the movie’s protagonist Gunnar Kjeldaas).

28 January 2020

The new The Routledge Handbook to Music Under German Occupation, 1938-1945. Propaganda, Myth and Reality, edit. by David Fanning and Erik Levi, features a chapter from Michael Custodis and Arnulf Mattes: Celebrating the Nordic tone – fighting for national legacy: the Grieg Centenary, 1943

26 January 2020

The paper „Kirche und Leben“, representing the diocese of Muenster, published a detailed article by Claudia Maria Korsmeier about the forthcoming premiere of the documentary Songs to Survive. Gunnar Kjeldaas‘ „Fangesongar frå Kirkenes“.

31 October 2019

The new year book by Agder Academy of Science and Letters features the chapter „Sorg – Tvang – Motstand. Musikk i Leirene i Norge, 1940-45“, where Michael Custodis for the first time offers an overview of music in concentration and prison camps in Nazi-occupied Norway.

3 September 2019

Ina Rupprecht speaking about German troup entertainment in Nazi-occupied Norway at the conference „Militärmusik als kultureller Botschafter“, hosted in Bonn by our cooperation partner Manfred Heidler (Zentrum für Militärmusik der Bundeswehr / Center for Military Music of the German Armed Forces).

(C) Bundeswehr/Albrecht

12 July 2019

The impressive room at Rio de Janeiro’s conservatory were Michael Custodis was invited to present his lecture about „Musical Resistance: The Importance of Churches as a Political Enclave in two German Dictatorships“

13 June 2019

The wonderful team from Marienschule Münster together with Anna-Ma Kjeldaas, remembering her grandfather’s music.

26-27 March 2019

Impressions from the conference „Persecution – Collaboration – Resistance. Music in the ‚Reichskommissariat Norwegen‘ (1940-45)“.

13 March 2019

Arnulf Mattes and Michael Custodis speaking about Music in Concentration Camps in Norway at the historical site of Camp Falstad, north of Trondheim.


11-12 March 2019

Filming for a documentary about Gunnar Kjeldaas’ “Fangesanger fra Kirkenes” in Jar, Lillestrøm and Hønefoss, supported by Anna-Ma Kjeldaas (right) and Stein Sødal (left).


18-20 February 2019

Michael Custodis and Andreas Bußmann speaking at the interdisciplinary conference „mit vorsichtig ausgewählten Ausländern zusammenkommen“ – Internationale Tagungen und wissenschaftlicher Austausch in der Zeit des Nationalsozialimus in Heidelberg.


17. November 2018

Music and Resistance in European dictatorships – Workshop at the Institute for Musicology in Münster

16. November 2018 

Music and Resistance-meeting at the Institute for Musicology in Münster.

(from left to right: Michael Custodis, Münster – Friedrich Geiger,  Hamburg – Katarzyna Naliwajek, Warsaw – Boris Previšić, Luzern – Arnulf Mattes, Bergen)

12.-14. November 2018

Research at the Riksarkiv and the archive of the conservatory in Stockholm.

11. November 2018

Michael Custodis and Arnulf Mattes gave a well-received lecture on the difficult topic of „Music in Norwegian concentration camps“

6. November 2018

Lecture by Prof. Dr. Arnulf Mattes (Grieg Research Center / University of Bergen) at the Institute for Musicology in Münster.

20. September 2018

Meeting of Michael Custodis, Friedrich Geiger, Katarzyna Naliwajek and Arnulf Mattes in Münster to discuss the network „Music and Resistance in European Dictatorships“.


30. August 2018

Kristiansand Agder Vitenskapsakademi

Bildschirmfoto 2018-09-01 um 10.02.09
Bildschirmfoto 2018-09-01 um 10.01.54



The results of the joint international conference „The Nordic Ingredient“ held by  NORDIC MUSIC POLITICS at the Grieg-Research-Center in Bergen in March 2018 will be published soon in early 2019, by Waxmann Verlag Münster (Programm)

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JUNE 2018

Nordic Music Politics-Team in Narvik & Tromsø to visit Tom Kristiansen and his Team to conduct research!

NMP-Team in Narvik
Bildschirmfoto 2018-08-28 um 19.03.51

GESTAPO-Headquarters in Tromsø „Til minne om Gestapos ofre 1940-1945“

APRIL 2018

Meeting with Arvid Vollsnes discussing Norwegian Music History, April 2018.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-08-28 um 19.05.10

More archive work!

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First Project-Conference in Bergen

On 20 and 21 March 2018 we hosted a conference at Bergen’s Grieg Research Centre, discussing The Nordic Ingredient. European Nationalisms and Norwegian Music Since 1905 with contributions by Christhard Hoffmann, Rolf Hobson, Ina Rupprecht, Andreas Bußmann, Ingrid Loe Landmark, Arnulf Mattes, Friedrich Geiger, Arvid Vollsnes, Erling Guldbrandsen, Siemke Böhnisch, Nina Nielsen, Michael Custodis and Boris Previšić.

Abstracts of the contributions can be found here.


Falstad Concentration Camp &

memorial at the former site where executions were conducted


Giving a lecture on „Music and Resistance“ in Graz, December 2017.

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Working in Stavanger’s Statsarkivet in October 2017.

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Bildschirmfoto 2018-08-30 um 07.30.36


Research in the music section of the museum for military defense in Oslo

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Old Wagner-Scores used by Norwegian military bands! 

Research in Bergen’s Byarkiv in September 2017 with telling black propaganda against the Quisling Regime.


Meeting with Bjørn Geirr-Harsson in Ringerike. 


Doing research on G.W. Müller’s propaganda department in Oslo.

JULY 2017

Drammen: Grave of Gunvor Mjelva, a Norwegian singer and active member of the resistance movement.


MARCH 2016 

Discovering Harald Sæverud’s unknow correspondence with his publishers in Oslo!


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