A Citizen Science Project 2021

As every year, the University of Münster in Germany will award and fund outstanding research projects that include the population of the city within their fields of research. 

The upcoming year 2021 will mark the anniversary of 1700 years of Jewish life in Germany.  

This is, why we as an international musicological research project with focus on Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands have decided to take part in this competition and to involve citizens of our town Münster in researching lost stories, biographies, and of course music of persecuted Jewish musicians during the Holocaust. 

By teaching the public about the complex and difficult topic of music and the holocaust in (online) workshops, as well as performing and experiencing their lost music with the help of our project partner, conductor Saul Zaks from Denmark, it is our aim to bring this music back to life and by doing so, to contribute to the battle against rising antisemitism in Germany today. 

Please support us in this journey! 


Your team of Nordic Music Politics / Music & Resistance 

JAC MALINIAK (1883-1943)

Jac Maliniak was Polish Violinist that lived in Norway during the German occupation. Because of their Jewish faith he and his wife Mathilde were victims to the persecution of the Nazis. 

If it wasn’t for their granddaughter Liv whose parents luckily survived the holocaust and who granted us a very personal insight into her grandparent’s forgotten story and the fate they suffered. 


Liv Daasvatn, Norway
Richard Jems, National Library Oslo
Eike Fess, Schönberg-Center
Music: Simon Stockhausen
Dag Kopperud, Jewish Museum Oslo 
Idea: Michael Custodis
Design/Graphics/Edit: Andreas Bußmann